Learning Through Play with Teacher Celine

Take cues from mom, wife, teacher, and model on how to manage kids and be at your best all the time.

There are just some people who have a knack for doing a lot of things all at the same time. Celine Cornejo—wife, mom, model, and teacher—at the outset seems like one of those people “who can do it all.” Her business, Teacher Celine Group, Inc., actually started out as a wholesale and retail trading business for educational toys, books, and preschool supplies. She shares, “The events side of the business was an incidental blessing. I have my cousin-in-law to thank for that!”

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Teacher Celine in a Nikki Top


On her fashion philosophy:

“I used to be on the lookout for the latest trends. I’m more practical now. I spend on classic and comfortable fashion items. My non-negotiable pieces include a white polo, jeans, a black dress, and a black purse.”


Her cousin-in-law asked her to host a birthday party. She did such a great job that guests asked for her contact number after that party. “Everything just snowballed from there,” Celine shares. Her party hosting leans towards the “learn through play” concept. “I advocate learning through play and I always try to include play in teaching whenever possible. I believe that every child is unique and can learn at his or her best when done in ways that relate to them and their smarts. Learning through play simply means teaching using different learning styles.”

If you’ve ever done babysitting duties or have your own child, you know that making kids listen is not a walk in the park. Celine’s advice? “It’s important that the parent or adult is ready to communicate with the child.” Celine interacts with kids by using “PPCS— passion, patience, creativity and sincerity. [I make sure] that whatever is being communicated should be concise and within a specific timeframe.”

She adds, “I make sure I have eye contact with them, and then I sing my short instruction while counting down. When I need my boys to do specific things, I communicate what is needed and then I give them options that lead to my desired result.”

Celine seems to have it all together but she’s the first to say that it takes effort to give yourself a break, too. “It seems selfish at first, but most important to me is that I have my daily and weekly “me time”. My rationale is simple: how can moms wear their numerous hats when they’re not at their best? I can only be the best wife to my husband, the best mom to my two kids, the best host to my clients, and the best of whatever else I want to do if my body, mind, and soul are refreshed and prepared.”

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Teacher Celine in an Amara Top


“Your “me time” can be a long, warm bath, a good book, coffee or tea break, a good massage, salon day, or whatever recharges you and makes you feel good.”

She says you can also enhance the way you multitask: “I avoid juggling multiple things at once. I make an effort to work on things in sequence rather than doing them simultaneously. I progressively go through my tasks by focusing on the big and urgent items and not sweating the small stuff.” Celine adds, “Use your successes to energize the other aspects of your life.”

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