4 Ways To Show Yourself More Love

Only you can treat yourself better.

Self-care has become a buzzword in the past few years and with good reason: social media and the age of multitasking compels everyone to do "more", compare themselves to strangers online, or unconsciously hold themselves to unrealistic expectations. 

“The term "self-love" seems to be the slogan of the century. Well, rightfully so. We are coming into an awakening; realizing the useless rat race and coming to terms with the limitations of our bodies,”

shares mom and homemaker Nikki Garcia:

“Self-love for me is time I give my mind and body to escape my own personal stresses; when I am able to fill my tank with juice and energy to feel happy and inspired... When mom is happy, then everyone's happy.”



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And if you've ever been overwhelmed, stressed, or just extra tired in the past few months, you must have turned to your own definition of "self-care" just to get a sense of balance. This year, make self-care an essential part of your life by doing these four things:

1. Carve out a little "me time"

No matter how busy or packed your schedule is, make sure to make time for what makes you happy. Is it eating out at a new place, gardening, journaling, working out, going for a mani and pedi, or spending time with girlfriends? Schedule it, show up, and treat it as you would a business or work appointment by including it in your schedule. Taking time to do things that you look forward to does wonders for a frazzled woman.

2. KonMari your digital life

How many times have we unconsciously followed accounts on Instagram only to realize that they no longer "spark joy"? Take stock of your digital clutter and unfollow accounts or people who no longer inspire you. Is your inbox full of newsletters you never read? It might be time to hit the unsubscribe button. 


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3. Take in new scenery 

You don't always need to hop on a plane to hit the reset button. A walk around your neighborhood or taking an inexpensive road trip to a nearby destination you've always wanted to explore can help clear your mind, give you perspective, or spark creativity. Sometimes, all we need is a change in scenery or pace.   

4. Go for what makes you feel beautiful 

You don't need to give up your love for shopping if that's what makes you happy. But it is helpful to go through your closet every few months to see if there's anything that doesn't fit your current lifestyle anymore. Go for pieces that truly make you feel beautiful (and comfortable in your own skin). You deserve it. 


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